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Family owned and operated since 1948
***Hours: Mon - Fri 1:00-5:00 in the afternoon, Sat 8:00 - 12:00 noon***
FYI: Labor prices effective Jan. 2023 for our material.
Call on milling and pricing for customers slabs.

We will be CLOSED for
Independence Day
Thursday July 4 - Sunday July 7, 2024.

"If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."
-Ronald Reagan
Update as of November 2022 We will be continuing our business hours as Monday through Friday, 1pm - 5pm, and Saturday mornings 8am - 12pm. The shop, warehouse and barn will be open for picking our lumber, planing and sanding. Please remember to give others the space needed, not knowing others situations.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ...

ONE nation, under GOD...

God Bless America and ALL those who have served for our country.

Always in our thoughts - Howard W. Armstrong May 19, 1924 - August 16, 2015.
***We accept cash or check for payment***  

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SignArmstrong Millworks, Inc. is a fourth generation, family-owned enterprise.  It began with Howard and Roland, as dairyArial View farmers, in 1948 on 130 acres.  Seeing various needs in the local communities, Howard began a small side business in millworks in addition to his regular farm duties and chores.  Using a tractor-powered wood planer and hand tools, he built potato crates, chicken feeders, wagon and truck beds, other farm-related needs, stakes for Detroit Edison, baseball bats, cabinets, trophies, altars, crosses, and church furniture.  Howard's wife, Thelma, took on the accounting and also caught boards from the sander or planer when her assistance was needed.   Thelma enhanced the trophy part of the business by offering engraving services.  It did not take long for the "side business" to take off.  Howard took a $245 profit from selling a 1913 Model T that he restored and had purchased earlier for $5.  With his new found profit, he bought a 10" table saw, 6" jointer, and aHoward at Planer bandsaw. Eventually, the wood working eclipsed the farming and Armstrong Millworks was born.  

First SignHoward and Thelma believe that the Lord has blessed the family and their growing business because they chose to serve Him.  Armstrong Millworks is founded on honesty, pride of ownership, and the satisfaction in a job well done.  This is evident still today in the high quality of craftsmanship customers receive.  Howard and Thelma's sons, Tom and Dennis, grew up in an environment stressing an intense work ethic.  They watched their father,Roland at Planer mother, and grandfather, Roland, work tirelessly side by side, pushing toward a common goal - the successful transition from traditional family farm to a custom wood shop. In addition, Tom and Dennis' sons, Mark and Adam, have both taken active roles in growing the family's business.  Like their fathers, Mark and Adam grew up Second Signaround the mill, surrounded by those same principles of hard work and integrity.  

Today, the shop is run by Dennis and Adam with the same work ethic and drive that Howard had. To keep with tradition, on any given day, you may see the next generation of Armstrong children, running around the shop's office and grounds, as Howard and Thelma have eleven great-grandchildren who areHoward and Roland frequent visitors.  

Sadly on August 16, 2015, Howard passed away. He will be greatly missed, not only by his family, but also by friends that he would see in the shop.

Armstrong Millworks began humbly on a family farm in
Highland, Michigan over seven decades ago, and can still be found on that same parcel of land today.  Still serving the community with the highest quality of service and materials available, they look forward to serving your needs.


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